NextGen : An Assault Weapon & Torture Device


Mr. Anthony Foxx

Secretary of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20590


Michael P. Huerta

Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20591

RE: NextGen


NextGen appears to have been designed without regard for human life on the surface of our planet. NextGen is a wonderful technological achievement where benefits abound; to certain individuals and business entities. However, it is also an assault weapon and a torture device and will without doubt destroy the lives & goals of thousands of American citizens; your neighbors. In fact it has already begun to do so for many and the evidence of its negative influence on surface dwellers is becoming visible fact.

Here are just two of thousands of your American neighbor’s stories:

There are literally dozens of medical studies performed by various well known organizations such as the German EPA, the NIH, WHO, British Medical Journal and others detailing the negative health effects of jet noise. Most importantly of note is that these studies were performed before NextGen. NextGen takes the old high noise problems and drastically focuses them on a narrow corridor and in a lot of cases where no jet noise existed previously. Imagine how much more common and greater these very few examples will be in a NextGen corridor:

  • Every 10dB increase results in 3.5% or higher cardiac admissions
  • High decibel jet noise can increase coronary heart disease 60% in men & 80% in women
  • Jet noise can cause cognitive learning skills damage in children

I very much wish you gentlemen could experience trying to survive in a NextGen corridor. I can tell you that there are moments when life just doesn’t seem worth living; the frustration is beyond imagination.

Try living under a stream of low altitude, accelerating passenger jet aircraft; one every thirty seconds for hours on end and often late into the night. I can attest that you will experience wanting to pull out your hair, mood swings from barely getting by to deep depression, anger over having to leave your home to find periods of rest, a constant, pervasive “mind twitch” during periods of calm where one repeats over and over; “when is the next plane” or “why haven’t they started yet” or “oh, is that one coming now” and worse when one begins to think an overflight is happening when it isn’t.

When KCLT chooses southern operations our community is relatively free of loud flights. During that free day one becomes a watcher, always a piece of one’s mind reaching out to see if they’re starting yet; waking several times during the night wondering when it will begin again; repeatedly checking FlightAware to see if you’re next. They call this Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). NextGen is fertilizing a new crop of PTSD amidst a large number of the civilian population as we speak. It will get much worse as numbers of flights increase and more runways built.

These foreseen results wouldn’t be quick but if the CIA had patience they could lock a person in a box and simulate a NextGen departure environment and it wouldn’t be long before the inmate was willing to talk or became a slavering imbecile. I can assure you a sane life would no longer be an option for them.

I recently thought of another example that can describe what NextGen is bringing to innocent surface dwellers across America and I believe strongly the results will be very similar from the example to the lives lived in a NextGen corridor.

Imagine if one were to place a prison directly under a NextGen corridor. It’s not difficult to imagine a very rapid change in the behavior of the inmates. Like rats trapped in a cage and abused, one would observe:

  • Within the first week a rise in drug abuse
  • Within the first two weeks a rise in inmate on inmate violence
  • Within the first month a rise in suicide rates
  • Within the first sixty to 90 days prison riots

The current victims of NextGen corridors may be less trapped than an inmate but they are under the very same inputs and one can expect very similar results just over a more lengthened period; affecting more social structures and worst of all children. NextGen may already have blood on its hands:

  • Within the first three months a rise in suicide rates and drug/alcohol abuse
  • Within the first six months a rise in domestic violence and higher crime rates

While us NextGen victims can escape the NextGen corridor for short periods of time; jobs, entertainment, other away from home activities, etc., the effects of the NextGen corridor will still accumulate over time. We can nearly no more abandon our mortgages, our jobs, our families and our communities than an inmate can escape from prison.

And let’s not forget that a NextGen corridor may be moved where the process will begin on a fresh new set of victims in a different neighborhood. Over time large portions of a city could be destroyed. I have zero doubts that NextGen is capable of and will create NextGen zones of abandoned homes; long strips of slum like conditions.

I’m fairly certain the airline companies wish NextGen victims would just die or leave and that is exactly what will happen if NextGen isn’t modified.

So, considering all the negatives I’ve discussed above and the many more I have not; is NextGen as great an achievement as originally thought or does it need to be taken back to the drawing board and more surface-human friendly attributes designed into it? Please, we NextGen corridor victims are begging you to reconsider; our very lives are at stake!